Saturday, 2 April 2011

2. LEIPE : An Old Dreamer

When I was a kid I always dreamt that one day I could be a rock star but I didn't know how to do that because I thought I didn't have enough skill :)
In the early 1990, when I was in senior high school, one of my school friends told me that his band, Tintin Band, needed a vocalist. Then I took his offer. Once in our school's bazaar, we covered Metalicca's songs, Master of Puppets and Motorbreath. I thought we performed well there. Another day I performed as vocalist for another school friend's band, Mek Goler. But I didn't go too far. As a student I begun to think about going university.
When I was studying in university, sometimes my old dream was teasing me. Then with my friends, I formed a band and performed on some campus' sessions. But we just played for fun there. We preffered studying university than going to be professional musicians. Sometimes I thought I'd would rather go solo but I realized I didn't have enough skill..hahahaha..
In those years I wrote many songs. I recorded those songs for self collections.
In the end of 1990's, I graduated from university. And so that my old dreaming was blown away. I begun to think of having a job and I thought that music was not my really desperated?..hahahaha..
In 2000's, I've  been working in a government office untill now. It was getting busy. So then my old dreaming's totally disappeared as I'm getting married and having kids and I've been thinking that I was too old to be a rock star..hahahaha..
In 2010, I was 37 years old. Finding and reading some music's articles on internet, this old dreamer has found and learnt how to make digital musics. I begun recomposing my songs. Not to raise an old dreaming as a rock star..hahahaha..I think it's enough to be a songwriter. It's worth enough for sharing my dream and my music to the world !

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